Sunday, January 15, 2017

Guaranteed Spring

It's just around the corner - the trees know it and are budding despite the snow.  Time to pick your garden bed and seeds and get planting those seedlings inside before March Break!

Garden Champion Wanted

As our family will graduate soon, we are looking for someone to take over the City of Vancouver Green Streets Garden boulevards, which are currently operated by the 'Wolfe PAC'.  For garden bed access behind the annex, please contact the PAC or attend a meeting to find out if your class can participate this coming year.
Anyone interested in doing garden lessons is encouraged to contact Tamara or Libby.  There is a list of several lower mainland groups active in the Vancouver School Food Network that would be available to partner with Wolfe for growing food programs.  These include: 
  • SPEC (Society for the Promotion of Environmental Conservation)
  • Earthbites
  • Think and Eat Green
  • Fresh Roots
  • Growing Chefs

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Green Money

Thank you for financial support over the last 8 years from:
  • TD Canada Trust Friends of the Enviornment
  • Toyota Evergreen School Greening Grant
  • Vancouver Foundation
  • Salt Spring Coffee Roasters
  • Whole Foods Whole Kids School Garden Program

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Green Streets Boulevard Champion Wanted

The City of Vancouver Green Streets program has been flourishing for over a dozen years.  General Wolfe Elementary has a unique configuration with so many in one place.
 The size of the boulevards is too big for us to tend to (as many of the volunteer gardening parents have 'older' kids now).  Libby has done a good job of removing lots of prickly Nootka Rose from the east side of Ontario street - thanks Libby!

Be on the lookout for this spring anenome which is an early bloomer by the bench on Ontario Street.
If you would like to garden on the boulevards (or pick one), or know a neighbour interested in caretaking one of the boulevards, or become the Wolfe PAC liase with the City of Vancouver, contact Tarmara at

Master Gardener Project Closed

Parent Volunteers Wanted

Spring is already pushing up the bulbs on the Green Street Boulevards!
Before we know it, its time to get the seedlings started.

This year we need parent volunteers, interested teachers to take on a Garden Bed.
If a parent wants to participate in the Friday after school garden club, let us know.

In 2016 , we have an opportunity to join with SPEC (Society for the Preservation of Enviornental Conservation) who has worked with numerous VSB Schools for years. 

Despite heroic efforts of Dawn Dunkerly, Libby Taylor, Laura McCann, Julia Steward and a few others, we did not have enough parent involvement to keep the  Master Gardener project growing.  Thanks to everyone who helped out - the gardens were full last summer.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Wood gone to a good home

Recently, the Wolfe Girl Guides went to Tupper and made amazing Insect Hostels.

Tupper is taking the wood for garden construction - they made our planters in the teachers parking lot and were installing at Carnarvon last week.  Thanks, Russ Evans, you are amazing!

Blooming Indigenous Species!

The native Oregon grape is pushing out beautiful yellow blooms.  It's found from California to our own southwest coast.  It is a known food source - no poisonous berries here - just good, tart jam making materials come the spring.  It's also known as a favourite 'house' for the younger students to play underneath.  Located in the naturalized area behind the annex, a unique feature at Wolfe.