Monday, October 22, 2012

Grounds Committee Meeting
November 8th 7pm at Julia's
To discuss:  future garden plans, grants, VSB Grounds Plans, Evergreen Foundation, winter crops, making a presentation about 'playgrounds' for the larger Wolfe Parent community.

Salt Spring Coffee - we would not have been able to have such great work parties without the financial assistance to buy multiple tools to get the jobs done faster, and with a sense of community.

Master Gardeners Association of British Columbia
We added up the total Volunteer Hours for General Wolfe Elementary Garden activities - its 300 adult hours with at least 150 student involvement hours - not including Green Team!  That's at least a 500 hour since January 2012 project!!!!!  If we are considered as a Community Project, we would be able to get Master Gardeners to come and help us with their advice and teaching in the future!  Yay!

Note:  this was not a posed photo, really - it was everyone stopping for a moment after scrambling to get the last of the huge pile in the back naturalized classroom area.  Well done, everyone!

One Dump Truck Done!

Thanks to Shera, Lisa, Steve, Ben, Nina, Amber, Tamara and... a special appearance by... the SUN!!!!
The last load from the dump truck was spread in afternoon sunshine in just over an hour on Sunday.  Lots of cyclists and dog walkers stopping to chat and some to thank us for making the Ontario Bikeway  beautiful.

Where did all the shovels go?  Anyone seen the rake?  Oh!  They've turned into Nimbus 2000's and the CleanSweep Swift and are now part of a real life Harry Potter flying broom race :-)  Oh well, the garden can wait...
Let's hope the sunflowers seed themselves again - we've only planted this boulevard once with a few seedlings grown in classrooms yet every year many plants bloom from the seeds that have fallen... seed dispertion on a small scale!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dig In!

Saturday October 13th 
Sunday October 14th
4pm - 6pm

Garden Committee Members will be at the school helping direct compost mulch distribution!

We are augmenting the soil so it stays healthy and can grow plants.

Bring your wheelbarrows, shovels, pruners, tarps if you have them.

Monday, October 1, 2012

...and we love artwork!
inside the school 
and outside at Harvest Festival on Main Street!

Gardening is inspiring!  And it brings people together (see below :-)