Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hollyhocks from Seed!

Thanks, Mr Smathers, for sharing your windowsills TWO years ago - yes, that's right.  Hollyhocks, collected from neighbours along Ontario Street and James Street near 29th are bi-annuals.  That means they take two years to bloom.  When the seeds were collected, we didn't know what colours the bloom stalks would be.  See for yourself the variety that  made it through their baby seedling stages!

Thanks also to the watering families - that watered these tiny things last year.  There are so many people watering this year that everyone only has to do a little bit.  You can sign up for a day, a week or a day of the week, but we think Lisa has it covered!  Even when it rains, those planter boxes get thirsty.  Any Sparetime parents are  most welcome to join in the watering routine (since its so close!)  Thanks to Lisa for scheduling.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Pollinator Boulevard

The bees are a buzzing... we counted over 200 bees on one boulevard by Ontario at 26th!

and we have two new yellow flowers that are bee friendly

Did you know we need our pollinators?  Honey Bees, Bumble Bees, Mason Bees, Lady Beetles, flies, many different insects are needed to keep our plants fertilized.  In fact, we couldn't grow many foods without them!  Jerry Seinfelds'  The Bee Movie is a fun family film about pollination told by the view of a bee played by Jerry.  For a rainy day (which won't happen very very soon - the sun, we promise, is coming soon to this neighbourhood!)
On that note, watering families are needed to help fill out the summer schedule.  If you have a half hour and a day or a week or a day of the week you'd like to water around wolfe, please email