Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lasagna anyone?!

We braved the weather forecast and did it! 
There is a new technique of reclaiming sod.  Instead of digging (hard work!) grass layers and composting, you can cover lawn with cardboard, soil, compost, leaves to create a new 'lasagna' layered garden bed.  It disturbs the natural soil less (no worms are hurt in the process...!) and is easier work (well, we will find out).  On Sunday January 8th, Lisa Scott, Dana Kemes, Jen Lum, Shera Paterson and Tamara will experiment with this method in the small area west of the gym.  There is a protected area that has a tree and some shrubs.  We will let the area 'sit' in the winter, knowing we will have a good 'crop' space for classrooms to plant in April and May.  We will add more soil when we purchase a load.

With our new planter boxes thanks to Ms Ingrams class going to Tupper, we will have 6 'crop' areas for classrooms to plant something that they can harvest the first week of school.

Lisa shared this - If anyone is curious about what “lasagnaing” (!) is, here’s an example of one website:

We will be attaching our Wolfe Garden Plan to this blog.
We have applied for funding to last a few years of enhancement.
Hopefully we can host some Open Houses this year to get teacher, student, family and community feedback.  The swings and rings will come down by 2013 so we need to plan now for a great space to replace it!

Garden Committee is meeting with Ms Jamieson Monday January 9th at 1pm.

Lasagna and salad... we could grow lettuce and have a lasagna & caesar combo.... or wheat... or sunflowers.... just kidding - crop to be determined when we work with the classrooms!
As always, ideas, comments, assistance always welcome.