Thursday, June 11, 2015

Last Friday Garden Club

Our pizza garden is still growing, but we'll have some already made to share with our keen young gardening friends.  Check out our tomatoes, quinoa, flax, peas, beans, borage, sunflowers, peppers, kale, radishes, oats and barley growing... amazing!

Last Garden Club is Friday June 12th from 3:15-4:15.

Pizza will be served to all Garden Club active members.
Other families welcome to join in.  
Bring snacks and have a fun summer after school social time!

We will be:
  • planting the remaining seedlings
  • transplanting apple trees
  • digging holes
  • working on signage
  • moving wheelbarrows of soil
  • and, of course, watering the plants and sometimes each other!

HUGE thanks to Laura McCann, our Master Gardener.
She has been at almost every Friday session since April, as well as in some classrooms
Thanks also to the garden elves who have mysteriously been replanting from the damage :-)

Summer Watering Families Wanted:  contact

Handy Person Wanted:  to seal our composters for the summer contact

Free Wood:  leftover lumber from our build is available.  Come see us Friday after school