Friday, December 4, 2015

Wood gone to a good home

Recently, the Wolfe Girl Guides went to Tupper and made amazing Insect Hostels.

Tupper is taking the wood for garden construction - they made our planters in the teachers parking lot and were installing at Carnarvon last week.  Thanks, Russ Evans, you are amazing!

Blooming Indigenous Species!

The native Oregon grape is pushing out beautiful yellow blooms.  It's found from California to our own southwest coast.  It is a known food source - no poisonous berries here - just good, tart jam making materials come the spring.  It's also known as a favourite 'house' for the younger students to play underneath.  Located in the naturalized area behind the annex, a unique feature at Wolfe.

This garden is for the birds...

Birds ...  and the worms!

This morning about a dozen chickadees were happily moving their way through the food garden and trees.  When you create habitat, you create the opportunity for life to flourish in 'our neck of the woods'.