Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dig This!

Grounds Committee Members will be at the garden
Sunday June 15th 10am - noon   and   4-6pm
Tuesday 6-8pm  and   Wednesday 6-8pm
Bring a shovel + and fill at your own families time
Everyone welcome
Let's move mountains :-)

Questions?  Contact tamaraelke {at}

Car Free Day 12-7 so come before or after your stroll down Main Street!

Double Mount Pleasant!

TWO mountains to move this year!
Many hands get things done, half the work but twice the fun

We have a load of organic veggie garden mix from and a complimentary load of compost mulch through our City of Vancouver Green Streets.  The soil goes in the planter boxes, and the compost mulch can be added in, as well as spread throughout our naturalized tree and shrub area.

The large planter boxes need landscape fabric and then are ready to fill up.
Bring a shovel and wheelbarrow if you have one - but we have lots.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Soil arrives Friday

Friday June 13th we have a load of compost mulch coming from the City of Vancouver and a load or organic veggie soil from West Creek Farms.

Friday Tamara will begin to line the boxes with landscape fabric and Think and Eat Green will come 9-10am. From then on, we can start to fill the boxes with soil, and the remaining mulch will spread throughout the naturalized area to keep the trees healthy.

Anyone with a shovel can come and do some filling.  We'll post work parties as they come up.  We can fill this weekend June 15 & 16 and weekday evenings next week when it's cool out.  If you have a shovel, you can come anytime that works for your family.

Then, we can fill 'er up with seedlings anxiously awaiting to spread their roots out.
Please come and lend a hand - every bit helps.  We have shovels of all sizes :-)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dig it!

The next phase is to fill the planter boxes - stay tuned on this blog for delivery date and work party times.  Bring your kids - the more the merrier.  Last time we emptied an entire 12 cubic yards in a few hours.  One way to bring down the king of the castle :-)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I see trees of green,
red roses too I see them
bloom for me and you and I 
think to myself what a wonderful world

Thanks Ms Andrew's class 
for reminding us! 

Below:  newest member of grounds committee: