Sunday, July 12, 2015

Bee-eautiful Thanks to our volunteers

Thanks to the watering families - Wiedemann, vonDehn, Ahrens, Taylor, Dunkerly, Scott!
  • We have flax, quinoa, barley and oats growing - beautiful grains to look at and eat.
  • Peas and radishes are ready, potatoes are popping out and rainbow chard is glowing
  • sunflowers are coming up strong and with regular watering will be great come September
  • Pizza ingredients are coming along: chives, tomatoes, sage, peppers
  • Pollinator friendly plants like borage and Phacelia are keeping our pollinators pleased
Did you know?  watering is important for plants to produce nectar.  Without nectar, no bees and without bees, no pollination which would mean no food to eat.  So even in dry times, watering plants helps our local beecosystem.