Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Hi all!
Friday April 6th everyone is welcome to help tidy the City of Vancouver Green Streets boulevards!

1pm - Salt Spring Coffee meet and greet - planning what crops with what teachers.  Update on grants.
2pm - on the gardens.  we have 11 individual patches.  With many hands, it could only take an hour.  Bring your kids, we have kid tools, or they can play right below us.  If anyone knows the name of this plant (by the north bench), let me know - they are up now as is the numerous 'rescue' bulbs we planted last year. Answer: woodland anenome - we planted 2 more varieties to complement them!

pruners, gloves, rakes, leaf trimmings bin and even a West Coast Seeds Catalogue if you have one!

Thanks to Nicole who has offered delivery services of our new 5 and 10 foot planter boxes to beautify (and make safe) the teachers parking lot.  Location TBD.  Ms Jamieson took the grounds VSB staff around on a tour last week of the school gardens.  These planter boxes were made at Tupper with wood donated by UBC.