Friday, May 18, 2012

Sundogs at Dawn & Ghost Potatoes

At 6:30 am the watering wagon makes its rounds with icy cold water on our wee seedlings roots.  Before the alarms go off the school is calm, the bikeway is busy with commuters and the sky had what was only thought of as a hot sunny afternoon phenomenon.  Sundogs - circular rainbow halos around the sun - were seen as the sun tripped over the school roof on its longer day ascent.

Perhaps not so sup rising - we missed a few of the 228 potatoes from the Grade One class in the back planter box.  Along with Dawn's raspberries in their 'holding' section and Lisa's freshly planted sunflowers awaiting their new homes, there are about 5 potato plants ready to do another life cycle.  Gardening is definitely not boring :-) !

Thanks to the Kindergarteners who helped plant almost 100 sunflowers and nasturtiums, some to take home and some to leave so that when they come back as Grade One students, they will be taller than they are!