Sunday, September 16, 2012

Persistent Plants! (and people :-)

Look for the Teddy Bear Sunflower - only 12 inches high in the planter boxes by the teachers parking lot... fuzzy and soft, this plant is a hit with the youngest students, who planted the seeds in their classroom last spring.

Also - a Velvet Queen Sunflower - burgundy in colour - has wound its way around to bloom in the annex garden area by the sidewalk - despite having its roots under the overhang (= no rain water!)

And the hollyhocks are going to seed... we grew these from seed 2 years ago and they had stalks over 6 feet tall!  We now have enough seed to plant 100's more.

THANK YOU to all the Watering Families this summer - a special gift will find its way to you to thank you for helping the gardens grow.  Without you, there would be no BEEs visiting our schoolgrounds and no flowers to welcome the students, teachers and staff back.  Many Thanks.  By everyone doing a few days or a week or a little bit, we managed to take care of the gardens all summer long.  Bravo!

"helping hands get things done; half the work and twice the fun"