Monday, October 22, 2012

One Dump Truck Done!

Thanks to Shera, Lisa, Steve, Ben, Nina, Amber, Tamara and... a special appearance by... the SUN!!!!
The last load from the dump truck was spread in afternoon sunshine in just over an hour on Sunday.  Lots of cyclists and dog walkers stopping to chat and some to thank us for making the Ontario Bikeway  beautiful.

Where did all the shovels go?  Anyone seen the rake?  Oh!  They've turned into Nimbus 2000's and the CleanSweep Swift and are now part of a real life Harry Potter flying broom race :-)  Oh well, the garden can wait...
Let's hope the sunflowers seed themselves again - we've only planted this boulevard once with a few seedlings grown in classrooms yet every year many plants bloom from the seeds that have fallen... seed dispertion on a small scale!